Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?

Simply let us know what you are looking for by completing the form here. At Superfood we provide superfood products in large quantities directly from producers. With this method of sourcing we deliver the highest quality and freshest product at the best pricing. When ordering from producers we need to know your requirements. Each order is a custom order meaning you can specify the product characteristics that are most important for your business needs. Direct sourcing from producers is for large quantities only. For most products the minimum order quantity is 1 metric ton (2,205 lbs).

What's the Superfood phone number?

(415) 484-5908

What quantities does Superfood sell?

We supply superfood products directly from producers and this method of sourcing requires large quantities.

Does Superfood manage importing for products sourced outside the US?

Yes, we manage all aspects of importation and deliver directly to your production facility.

Does Superfood have a fixed price list?

Not really. All the superfood products we sell are sourced directly from producers at the current market price. Pricing for each order depends on product and quantity being ordered. So, when you let us know what your interested in ordering, we provide current market pricing from producers and you decide.